Top Three Backyard Lighting Ideas

The sun going down should not be an excuse to head inside for the night but an opportunity for you to spend time with friends and family. With so many lighting options out there to brighten up your backyard, we want to break down a few for you in order to best fit your needs.

String Lighting

Also known as bistro lighting, this allows you to add light overhead to create a warm environment for you and your guests and never be forced to go back inside when the sun goes down. Suspended over a patio, hung inside a pergola, or strung between trees, bistro lights effectively create a soft ambient light that will make your whole area feel welcoming.

Path Lighting

Path lights add more than just light around your home, they also serve a purpose. When adding path lights, you are also brightening up a place for people to walk to protect their safety. Many people add this to their front entryway or around their back patio so that guests see where they are walking.

Spot Lighting

Bringing in more light to your property after the sun sets can offer more benefits than you may know. Adding spot lighting around your home allows you to point out the beautiful architectural features around your home or any great piece of landscape you might have like trees or a cactus. And when your building is lit up it will deter any possible criminal activity and ensure you and any guests feel safer walking around outside once it gets dark.

Margie Mae’s LightScapes provides a custom detailed design of your project before your project begins. We will come out to your home or business, walk the property to get the absolute best information for your specific objectives and ideas, and our designs and estimates are usually for landscape lighting jobs done in real time during our in-person consultation. And even better, we back for a night time demonstration to demo your design and show you what it would really look like in real time. Give us a call to schedule an appointment!

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