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The Typical Cost to Install Low Voltage Outdoor Lighting

How many of us remember the Malibu lights sets from the late 70s until mid-2014? The sets were mostly die-cast metal, corrosion resistant, and lasted two years if you were lucky, before failing in one way or another.

Today’s lights and systems are the best of the best, with dimming, color changing, and blue tooth connectivity. Low-voltage lighting has come a long way. So we often get asked, “What does it cost to have a landscape lighting system installed?”

The answer is, it’s a range. Take the 90’s Malibu set as our starting point. Though there are many manufacturers in this arena for homeowner installation, the typical price point for these would be around $125 per fixture. A quality, professionally installed starter system, with stainless steel timer, your choice of powder-coated aluminum housings, or composite housings with LED lamps are around $250 per fixture and come with a 2-year lamp warranty and a 5-year fixture warranty.

The mid-range systems cost per fixture is around $360. These are typically built with solid brass, die-cast aluminum, and will have a drop-in lamp or an integrated LED board for light. Most of these have a 7-10 year warranty.

What’s the top-of-the-line look like? The top-of-the-line systems are not all created equal. These have all the bells and whistles, copper and brass fixtures, color-changing integrated LED lamps, and dimming and blue tooth controls. These systems typically range from $450 to $500 per fixture and come with a 10-year and in some cases a lifetime warranty.

In the end, a typical complete landscape lighting system starts anywhere from $3,000 to $5,000 with the larger systems and controls costing anywhere from $8,000 to $15,000.

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