Bistro Lighting

Margie Mae’s LightScapes uses the highest quality fixtures, so the bistro lights we utilize are very durable. If you are needing lighting for your patio area, give us a call to schedule an appointment.

You Won't Be Disappointed

Why do bistro lights look good?

You can have that perfect festive and relaxing feel with your new bistro lighting. Have Margie Mae’s LightScapes install new bistro lights in your most favored areas that will bring a pleasant mood along with many other benefits. You shouldn’t have to be forced back inside when the sun goes down. With bistro lights you don’t have to! Day or night you should be able to enjoy your yard with friends and family.

Create A Better Atmosphere – Having a great atmosphere is a big benefit of having bistro lighting. Suspended over a patio, hung inside a pergola, or strung between tress, bistro lights effectively create a soft ambient light that will make your whole area feel welcoming.

Desire to Be Outside – Bistro lights above your patio will pull you and your guests outside to take part in the peaceful scenery.

Functionality – You will no longer be forced to move your special events indoors with bistro lighting.