Architectural Lighting

Permanent Lighting

Margie Mae’s is now the exclusive installer of Inception Lighting in Arizona.

Energize Your Customers and Improve Your Bottom Line

Our bright and bold lights can communicate your brand and promotions, enticing customers and creating a buzz. Make the switch to our efficient LED lighting solution and you also save money through reduced energy usage and little-to-no maintenance.

Commercial Features

Our permanent exterior lighting system will brighten and highlight your building’s architecture through color displays that you can control and customize.

The architectural accent lighting is covered in a decorative molding that is discreet during the day. In addition to its visual appeal, our product will help you run a sustainable operation from anywhere at anytime and contribute to the safety and security of your business.

The Inception Lighting product has been installed at shopping centers, restaurants, office buildings and community centers, including the city of Southlake. Contact us today by filling out the form on this page to experience color-changing lighting that adds value to your city.

  • The exterior LED lights will improve night visibility, making employees and customers feel safe and comfortable.
  • The system’s calendar scheduling capability allows you to program 12 months of colors and light sequences to celebrate events and holidays.
  • Multiple systems can be controlled through a single device and synchronized through a real-time clock so programs run seamlessly.
  • Your carbon footprint will be lowered because our product consumes 90 percent less electricity than traditional string lights.
  • The long life of the product reduces the impact on landfills.