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Landscape Lighting Service

We are your landscape lighting experts

Looking to light up your landscape at night? Then you are in the right place. Don’t let the sun going down stop your fun, at Margie Maes LightScapes we can design a variety of lighting options that will fit your home perfectly.

Bistro Lighting Service

We are your bistro lighting experts

Whether you are looking for a nice romantic evening or a night with friends, bistro lighting for your patio will bring your special event to life. Providing a breathtaking scene, bistro lighting will make every moment memorable. The lighting will not only brighten up your darkened areas but also provide a feeling of safety.

Architectural Lighting Service

We are your architectural lighting experts

Bringing in more light to your property after the sun sets can offer more benefits than you may know. When your building is lit up it will deter any possible criminal activity. In addition, lights around your building will make your customers feel safe once it gets darker.

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