Low Voltage Lighting

Introduction to Low Voltage Landscape Lighting: Part 1

In part one of our three part series, we will discuss the pluses and minuses of low voltage landscape lighting, installation, cost, control, choice of products, starting with the question: Are all outdoor lighting systems low voltage?

While landscape lighting operates at 15 volts to 20 volts, typically all outdoor lighting systems are not low voltage. There are systems that use 120 volts and 277 volts, the latter most often in commercial applications.

With low voltage landscape lighting, you don’t have to concern yourself with digging down 12” to 18” to bury the wire nor with junction boxes for all the connections. Low voltage lighting can be in as little as 2” of cover, though we recommend at least 4-6 inches in trench depth for your wires. The connections are all done with direct bury wire connectors. (We recommend King Innovation DryConn Dry-Splice Connector) These crimp connectors not only make a very secure connection but are waterproof as well.

Low voltage systems are very cost effective because you don’t have to bury the wiring as deep and installation time is less than a nominal voltage system. For the homeowner installed system, you can expect to pay around $100 per fixture all in. Professional systems typically run $275 to $450 per fixture all in with at least a 2-year warranty all the way up to lifetime warranties.

These systems are controlled via a transformer that converts your 120-volt home power to 12 volts. From there you can control the lights via an internal timer, photocell, digital control for different zones, dimming, color changing, and bluetooth control.

Choice of Products
There are several manufactures that tailor to the low voltage lighting market: FX, Focus, Kichler, and WAC to name a few we have worked with in the past. They are typically manufactured from cast aluminum, copper, brass, and composite materials. With low voltage lighting, we can light pathways, steps, trees, homes, and yard ornamentation.

Whether you’re getting landscape lights in your backyard in order to spend more time with friends and family or you’re trying to light up your yard in order to create a safe environment, we at Margie Mae’s LightScapes take pride in creating solutions for these dilemmas. We provide in-depth product knowledge, expert installation, and exceptional customer service before, during, and after the installation, backing every installation with a 100% satisfaction guarantee!

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