How Outdoor Lighting Helps with Home Security

Feeling and being safe and secure

Feeling and being safe and secure in your home is important, no doubt. The simple fact is, outdoor lighting provides a wide range of benefits, and one of the primary benefits is improving your home’s security. Here’s why:

Illuminating pathways and entryways

Illuminating pathways and entryways is a highly effective way to deter burglars from accessing your property or sneaking around unnoticed. Motion-activated lights can be an excellent choice for this purpose as they can be triggered by movement, making them an effective deterrent.

Pathway lights, on the other hand, can help shed some light on the way and show you any potential obstacles on your way home. Together, these lighting solutions can make your property feel safer and more secure.

Placement of outdoor lights

The placement of outdoor lights is also important in enhancing your security. Proper placement can help deter potential intruders by ensuring that the entire property is well lit, with no dark corners.

Strategically placed lights can also alert neighbors or passersby if someone tries to trespass on your property, making it less likely that intruders will attempt to break in.

Automated lighting solutions

Automated lighting solutions can be an excellent tool in deterring criminals from your property. For example, consider setting up smart lighting that is able to turn on and off or change colors throughout the day when you are not home. This, along with motion sensors, can confuse potential intruders and make them think there’s someone home.

Highlighting potential security weak spots

Most properties have areas that are naturally more vulnerable than others, such as windows, doors, and dimly lit corners. By highlighting these areas with additional lighting, you make them less attractive to potential burglars as they are more likely to be spotted by the homeowners or neighbors.

Enhancing video security’s effectiveness

If you have a video security system (like a CCTV) installed at your home, outdoor lighting can greatly enhance its effectiveness. Most video systems need good lighting to capture clear images and videos. With proper lighting, you can make sure that any intrusions are clearly captured on camera. 

So, outdoor lighting not only makes your home more welcoming and attractive, it also can help deter would-be thieves by illuminating dark areas, assisting existing security and providing some confusion about whether anyone is home or not. And, most outdoor lighting is low voltage so it’s energy efficient. Oh, and did we mention that can increase your home’s value?

Whether you’re getting landscape lights in your backyard in order to spend more time with friends and family or you’re trying to light up your yard in order to create a safe environment, we at Margie Mae’s LightScapes take pride in creating solutions for these dilemmas. We provide in-depth product knowledge, expert outdoor lighting installation, and exceptional customer service before, during, and after the landscape lighting installation, backing every installation with a 100% satisfaction guarantee!

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