Gazelle Meadows Park

Gazelle Meadows Park Chandler AZ

Gazelle Meadows Park Chandler AZ is an outdoor recreation area with many activities for the whole family. This park offers a beautiful setting for hiking and biking. It is located just north of downtown Chandler. The park is open all year round. It is close to restaurants, shopping, and other attractions. Read Much More.

Anthony Cano

The shooting of Anthony Cano, 17, at Gazelle Meadows Park in Chandler, Arizona, was an unintended tragedy. Police and family members say the second shot was unnecessary. A lawsuit against the city of Chandler was settled for more than $1 million. Although city officials are not admitting any fault, they say the settlement will bring closure for the Cano family. Check this out!

Bebak-Miller was on a bike with police lights on when he spotted Cano riding a bicycle across lanes of traffic. When Bebak-Miller spotted Cano, he turned on his lights and tried to pull him over. The pursuit ended with Bebak-Miller shooting Cano twice in the back.


The Maricopa County Attorney’s Office has decided not to file a criminal charge against a Chandler police officer who fatally shot 17-year-old Anthony Cano. Officer Chase Bebak-Miller fatally shot Cano twice during a foot pursuit in Chandler on Jan. 2, 2021. The Maricopa County Attorney’s Office says Bebak-Miller did not violate any criminal statutes when he shot Cano. Cano had been riding his bicycle when police say he committed a traffic violation near Erie and Delaware streets.

Officer Bebak-Miller chased Cano through the park before shooting him. He believed that the teen had a gun in his pants pocket and was aiming it at him. However, the teen did not see Bebak-Miller and had only one hand on the gun. The shooting was the first fatal shooting in Arizona since 2021.

Bebak-Miller’s investigation

The video shows Bebak-Miller, a police officer in Chandler, Arizona, chasing Anthony Cano, who had a gun. After yelling a warning, Bebak-Miller pulled his gun and shot Cano twice from behind. The shooting caused Cano to die on Jan. 27, and Bebak-Miller is on paid administrative leave.

The shooting has put Bebak-Miller, a five-year veteran of the Chandler Police Department, on paid administrative leave. The department is investigating the shooting, and it will present its findings to the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office. The Maricopa County District Attorney’s office has not yet decided whether to pursue charges against Bebak-Miller. The family of Anthony Cano was not surprised by Bebak-Miller’s decision, but it is unclear what will happen next.

Cano’s family

The family of Anthony Cano is angry with the decision by the Maricopa County Attorney’s office not to charge Officer Chase Bebak-Miller for fatally shooting their son on Jan. 2. The police officer fired at Cano after noticing the victim had a gun and was picking it up. According to police, the suspect was running away when the officer turned on his lights, and the officer believed Cano intended to shoot him.

The Maricopa County Attorney’s office and the Chandler Police Department are still investigating the incident. Parts of the body-camera footage have been released. The family wants the city to release other officers’ body-camera footage as well. Family attorney Greg Kuykendall is arguing that the officer’s actions were excessive and likely violated the rights of the teenager.

Gazelle Meadows Park

Gazelle Meadows Park is a park in Chandler, Arizona. It is located on North Exeter Street, near Chandler High School and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints – Seminary. Chandler is a mid-size suburb of Phoenix with a population of more than 240,000 people. It is in the Southeast Valley of the Greater Phoenix area.

In January, a police officer in Chandler shot and killed a 17-year-old boy. Officer Chase Bebak-Miller had stopped Anthony Cano for a traffic violation, but the boy did not stop when the officer ordered him to. Instead, he rode his bicycle with no lights, and the officer chased him into Gazelle Meadows Park. When the officer caught up with Cano, he shot him twice, and while he was lying face down in the dirt, the officer was able to fire his weapon. Click to following site.

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