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Five Tips for Hanging Backyard String Lights

You shouldn’t have to be forced back inside when the sun goes down. With string lights, also known as bistro lights. you don’t have to! Day or night, you should be able to enjoy your yard with friends and family whenever you want. Suspended over a patio, hung inside a pergola, or strung between tress, bistro lights effectively create a soft ambient light that will make your whole area feel welcoming and create a warm and fun environment to your backyard with little to no maintenance. So if you’re getting your backyard ready for the upcoming summer nights, here are some tips for hanging your bistro lighting:

1. Map out the area first.

It can be frustrating to be stringing up your lights, only to realize halfway through that there isn’t enough of the string of lights to reach the end point you planned for or to realize you have far too much. Use some string or fishing line to plan your lighting layout, including the sections of the string you want to dip down so that you can know precisely how many string lights to purchase. This planning step also lets you figure out which existing features of your backyard you can use to hang your light, such as trees, exterior walls of your home or garage, outbbuildings, and deck railings.

2. Purchase 4” heavy duty screw hooks to hold up your light strings.

Before you start, you will want to look at your main anchor points and make sure they will be able to hold up your lights safely. Screw hooks are easy to install and will keep the string secure in wind or rain. Make sure to install them in a solid surface.

3. Purchase a 1.5mm stainless wire.

You will fasten the stainless wire to the heavy-duty hook on both sides of your backyard using a crimping loop tool. This wire is important because you will fasten each individual bistro light to the wire using a small zip tie. This will lower the chance of the lights falling in the middle.

4. Consider taking the bulbs out of the string while hanging up your lights.

Those glass bulbs are fragile and can break if banged against each other or if you accidentally drop a string of lights while trying to hang it up. Especially if you are hanging your lights over hard surfaces in your backyard such as cement or wood, you might be glad you took the extra time to take the bulbs out before and then once your strings are securely hung, screwing the bulbs back in.

5. Pick a brand of outdoor lights that you can find again easily.

If one of your lights breaks, goes out, or you decide you want to string up another section of lights and want to be sure your lights match, we recommend buying string lights that you know you can find in your area easily and will be in stock if you need to purchase more.

Margie Mae’s LightScapes uses the highest quality fixtures, so the bistro lights we utilize are very durable. If you are needing lighting for your patio area, give us a call to schedule an appointment!

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