Does Landscape Lighting Increase Home Value?

Curb Appeal

You’re here because you were wondering, probably because you're interested in landscape lighting and are doing your due diligence.

So, let’s answer the question: Does landscape lighting increase a home’s value? Typically, homeowners tend to focus on landscaping and home improvements without placing much attention on lighting. However, lighting is an essential aspect of landscaping that should not be overlooked. Research has shown that homes with well-installed landscaping lighting tend to attract buyers and increase property value.


Home security is a priority for every homeowner, and landscape lighting is a great way to reinforce your home's safety.

Illuminating walkways, driveways and entry-points keep burglars at bay. When your exterior is well-lit, it signals to intruders that your home is under watch, thus deterring any attempts of theft or vandalism. A well-lit home provides buyers with a sense of security and boosts your home value.

Energy Efficiency

With today's modern technology, landscape lighting installations can be energy-efficient.

You can replace incandescent bulbs with low voltage or LED bulbs to save electricity and reduce your carbon footprint. These systems may initially cost more but they can last longer than traditional bulbs and consume less electricity.

Outdoor Living Ambience

Landscape lighting creates a serene outdoor ambiance that enhances the overall mood of your outdoor area.

It creates perfect settings for outdoor entertainment, such as barbecues, garden parties or intimate gatherings. When potential buyers visit your home, they not only picture themselves enjoying the indoor spaces but also the outdoor living spaces.

Increased Property Value

Bottom line is, landscape lighting increases the value of your property.

According to a study by the National Association of Home Builders, 41% of buyers found exterior lighting “essential” in a home. Additionally, when properties have installed landscape lighting, they usually sell faster and for more money than those without. Lighting is not a minor aspect of your landscaping; it plays a considerable role in your home’s overall value.

Whether you’re getting landscape lights in your backyard in order to spend more time with friends and family or you’re trying to light up your yard in order to create a safe environment, we at Margie Mae’s LightScapes take pride in creating solutions for these dilemmas. We provide in-depth product knowledge, expert installation, and exceptional customer service before, during, and after the landscape lighting installation, backing every installation with a 100% satisfaction guarantee!

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