Altitude Trampoline Park Gilbert: Soaring Fun in Chandler, AZ

Thrilling Attractions for All Ages:

Altitude Trampoline Park in Gilbert, located within the vibrant city of Chandler, offers an exhilarating experience for individuals of all ages. With a diverse range of attractions, the park is designed to provide visitors with a thrilling escape into the world of bouncing, flipping, and airborne adventures. Information can be found here.

Extensive Trampoline Areas:

At the heart of Altitude Trampoline Park Gilbert are its extensive trampoline areas, where visitors can defy gravity and bounce to their heart’s content. From interconnected trampolines to foam pits, these zones cater to beginners and seasoned jumpers, making it an ideal destination for a day of active entertainment. See here for information about Desert Breeze Park: A Oasis of Recreation in Chandler, AZ.

Ninja Course Challenges:

For those seeking a test of agility and strength, Altitude Trampoline Park features a challenging Ninja Course. Inspired by the popular obstacle courses on television, this course allows participants to navigate various obstacles, showcasing their athleticism and determination.

Dodgeball Courts for Competitive Fun:

Dodgeball enthusiasts will find their haven at Altitude Trampoline Park. The facility offers dedicated dodgeball courts where players can engage in friendly, high-flying competitions. These courts add a competitive and social element to the park’s attractions, making it an exciting destination for groups and parties.

Kids’ Court for Little Bouncers:

Designed with the younger audience in mind, Altitude Trampoline Park includes a specialized Kids’ Court. This area ensures that even the littlest bouncers can safely enjoy the thrill of jumping and playing in a designated space tailored to their age and abilities.

Fitness Classes and Programs:

Beyond recreational bouncing, Altitude Trampoline Park offers fitness classes and programs. These sessions transform the trampoline into a dynamic workout space, combining cardio and strength training for a fun and practical exercise experience.

Safety Measures and Trained Staff:

Ensuring a safe and enjoyable environment is a top priority at Altitude Trampoline Park. The facility implements rigorous safety measures, including well-maintained equipment, trained staff, and monitored jumping areas, providing peace of mind for visitors and parents alike.

Perfect for Events and Celebrations:

Altitude Trampoline Park Gilbert is a destination for casual outings and an ideal venue for events and celebrations. Whether it’s a birthday party, corporate team-building event, or a group gathering, the park offers party packages and event spaces for a memorable and unique experience.


Altitude Trampoline Park Gilbert in Chandler, AZ, is a haven for those seeking high-flying excitement and active entertainment. With its diverse attractions catering to all age groups, commitment to safety, and options for fitness enthusiasts, the park has become a go-to destination for individuals and groups looking to elevate their recreational experiences in the lively city of Chandler.